California Allows Food Trucks to Sell at Rest Areas Statewide During Coronavirus

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By:   Farley Elliott

California Allows Food Trucks to Sell at Rest Areas Statewide During Coronavirus
Caltrans is opening up its offer from now through June 15 (with approval of course)

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The California Department of Transportation, better known as Caltrans, has approved public rest areas statewide for use as food truck vending lots. The move is meant to help provide warm meals for necessary travelers, particularly truck drivers crisscrossing the state, while also offering a new way for impacted food vendors to make some much-needed money, says Fox LA.

California executive order N-52-20, signed by governor Gavin Newsom, says that "Caltrans is authorized to develop and implement a process to issue and administer temporary permits allowing commercially licensed food truck vendors... to operate and sell food in designated safety roadside rest areas." The easing of the restriction on commercial vending will last for 60 days, meaning vendors would only be allowed to sell through June 15. Any food truck vendors must also be in compliance with local and regional laws already in order to vend at specific rest stops.

Los Angeles proper does not have its own freeway rest stops, though several exist in surrounding counties like Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern, and Santa Barbara. Rest areas are particularly important in more rural California counties, where truckers and other drivers rely on them more heavily for basics like food and bathrooms. Anyone interested in applying for a rest area vending permit can do so at the Caltrans website.


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This one also fetched very nicely. Now that I know what needs to be done, and how, to clean up and complete the form it works pretty easy.

However, I think there will be a learning curve for the Members, which is not unusual when introducing a new feature or function. 

I'll be on the front lines as much as I can be to help the Members get the hang of it without much confusion. I think they will really like the Fetch, as once they know how to work it, it will save them time and frustration.

Well done!

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The big problem with Fetch is that is cannot be perfect.   It simply does not have the information it needs to be perfect.   Most people will never understand that and thus will blame Fetch.   That is why I have been working so hard to get Fetch to be as smart as possible.   I am sure I will continue to figure out new methods to improve Fetch, but I think we might be at a point where it can be released.

If you look at the documentation, you will see quite a bit of disclaimer language.

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but I think we might be at a point where it can be released.

I think so too. There is always ways to make improvements along the way after release, and nothing unusual for programmers and developers. That is what the updates are for, and gives the users a better product along the way.

The only think I ran into was the slideshow and the Fetch Seed not able to fetch it. But, going around that is not hard at all one the user learns the trick.

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I'd say it's ready for release. This is going to be a really great treat for the Members, and make NT a big step ahead of many of the other forums out there.


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