Who is destroying the ozone layer again?


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Who is destroying the ozone layer again?

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T



Scientists have detected a mysterious and “shocking” rise in the world’s atmospheric levels of CFCs, the gas banned since the 1980s because it attacks the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

In the linked article entitled: 

Mysterious rise in banned ozone-destroying chemical shocks scientists: 

Michaela Hegglin, at the University of Reading, UK, and not part of the research team said researchers had taken rigorous steps to rule out alternative explanations for the rise in CFC-11 when reaching their conclusion that new production must be occurring.

She said: “The study highlights that environmental regulations cannot be taken for granted and must be safe-guarded, and that monitoring is required to ensure compliance. ” Prof Piers Forster, at the University of Leeds, UK, said: “This new study is atmospheric detective work at its finest.”


Which IMHO, should guide us here in the US. With Trump in the WH and Pruitt @ EPA, WHO is safe-guarding and monitoring our environmental regulation to ensure compliance? 


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Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment, said: “If these emissions continue unabated, they have the potential to slow down the recovery of the ozone layer. It’s therefore critical that we identify the precise causes of these emissions and take the necessary action.”
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