Places In The Heart

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Places In The Heart

aged1.jpg Places in the Heart

   My dwelling is young and immature,

others old and well-worn.

These cast long shadows and trails,

reputations established long gone.


We were up, in, through, out,

happy cadets lining the walls.

We were cords, medals, hats,

detailed in services for all.


  Established grand statuesque venues,

great creaking closing doors;

those players ne'er work again,

pay 'em off the floors!


Where we stood - you stand,

we weathered what you caress.

Don't worry! It's the world's way;

grab life shake out success.


Remember me some morning.

Think of me in a song;

just, do not let go of me

after you rise in the sun.

Calbab © 2018


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1  author  calbab    5 years ago

Hello TiG. I am doing a poem. 

I can not get the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) on the title and stanza separations. Title separation and after every fourth line should be stanza separation. You may want to look at it. (I will continue to try to get it.) See my code is 'over' spaced. (Smile.)

1.1  TiG  replied to  calbab @1    5 years ago

If you look at the underlying HTML, each blank line will be implemented with <p></p>.    This is removed by the various filters.   The way to avoid the removal is to put content between the paragraph markers.   I just inserted a &nbsp;  HTML code (non-breaking space) which is legit content and prevents the filtering.

1.1.1  author  calbab  replied to  TiG @1.1    5 years ago

Oh sorry. I think I bothered what you just did. As I was confused. Did not know you got back to it so quick! Please redo what you did for me. (Smile). Should be a suitable amount of space down from the title, please. As for me, I admit I have looked at it long enough to get 'turned around.' (Smile.) Break time!