A. MacArthur

I finally Got In!

By:  A. MacArthur  •   •  5 years ago  •  3 comments

I finally Got In!

Until just now, every time I tried to log in, I got security warnings and could not do so.

So, I will bookmark this page and, if I can continue to log in, I will pos an article about my HAVANESE rescue dog, Gracie.


jrBlog - asc
1  TiG    5 years ago

Glad to see you made it AMac.   What did the security warning message say?

A. MacArthur
2  author  A. MacArthur    5 years ago

Don't recall it verbatim … I had given up months ago but got an e-mail notification today and gave it a try … it worked.

3  perrie1    5 years ago

making some comments.